Lafayette Commercial Services

Your trusted partner in Lafayette Business Solutions

Not all Colorado companies have the equipment and personnel to effectively handle large-scale water, sewer or mold damage emergencies. At Lafayette Emergency Restoration, our 24/7 response teams are available around the clock with state-of-the-art technology and industrial scale response teams to help with your water emergency. Several Lafayette businesses trust us with their damage remediation:

  • Municipal Structures
  • Small Businesses
  • Property Management Companies
  • Commercial Offices
  • Health Institutions/Labs
  • Industrial/Factory Facilities

Large Scale Response

            After emergency teams have left, your business fire, flood or crime scene will require professional help to fully recover. Don’t let an environmental setback reduce your profit stream or close your doors. Lafayette Emergency Restoration has experience with large-scale crisis response and can work with your insurance to make sure you receive quick effective help with minimal cost to you:

  • Large volume water removal services
  • Industrial grade drying units
  • Biological contaminant control and sterilization
  • Contents manipulation, inventory and preservation

There’s no job too big for Lafayette Emergency Restoration. Our commercial emergency response teams are available 24/7 to help you bring your Lafayette business back to life!

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Lafayette Deep Cleaning

            Your Colorado janitorial staff is usually not prepared to handle large-scale water damage. Even if you aren’t facing a massive incident, time will take its toll on your business and there may be hidden molds, slow leaks or just plain grime covering your Lafayette property. Our IICRC trained restoration specialists can take your Lafayette office from slime to sublime in an afternoon.

See what difference a commercial grade cleaning service can do for you today. First impressions matter a lot in your customer’s purchase decisions and presenting a shining clean face to the public is a top concern. Trust Lafayette Emergency Restoration to help you put your best foot forward with deep cleaning services:

  • Removal of dirt and oil residues from surfaces
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and wood flooring
  • Air Duct Dust Removal
  • Sterilization of health-sensitive areas
  • Restoration of high-traffic environments