Lafayette Mold Remediation Service

Mold sterilization and removal can be a complicated process and you can trust the Lafayette Emergency Restoration expert removal teams to have the latest technology and techniques to kill mold at the source and prevent it from coming back. Even after water has been removed, lingering moisture can lead to potentially lethal mold colonies growing in your home or commercial office. Only with professional assistance can all sources of mold be identified and removed.

What is Mold?

While most molds are pretty innocuous, some can cause serious respiratory issues, allergies, asthma or even death if left untreated. Those most susceptible are infants, pregnant women, the elderly and people living with weakened immune systems.

            Mold is a living organism that breaks down dead organic matter. Even in a perfectly clean environment there is some mold present, although usually in concentrations so small that they are not even detectable. Only when the conditions for mold are present such as cool or warm temperatures and moisture will the mold thrive and start to take over your Lafayette home or business.

Mold Removal Steps

            Our IICRC-certified Colorado mold removal experts use industry standard techniques and advanced technology to identify molds and completely remove them. Other Lafayette companies may use surface measures to eliminate visible molds or simply deodorize an area before calling it done so make sure your mold removal service uses full sterilization techniques or you may end up with an even worse mold problem than before!

  • Containment: Dangerous toxins produced by molds have to be properly isolated from the rest of your property or the mold may spread. We’ll seal your contaminated areas to prevent infection of other areas.
  • Salvage and Removal: We will use advanced dry-ice and anti-microbial sterilization techniques to salvage damaged items and structures. Sometimes, damage is irreversible and we will arrange for the proper disposal of such items.
  • Seal: When unmovable structures like framing or brickwork become infected to point where they cant be disinfected, we’ll seal that area so that the contamination can never spread or pose a health threat to you and your family
  • Professional Colorado Environmental Inspection: We will use an independent lab to ensure all affected areas have been properly remediated and that your home or office is safe and healthy again.

Call the Mold removal specialists at Lafayette Emergency Restoration. The company with the experience and equipment to handle any mold situation!

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